Will Purdue reimburse hotel and food costs if I self-quarantine off campus?

Yes. For international students who are required to quarantine prior to the start of the spring semester, Purdue will cover the following quarantine-related expenses only:

  • Up to $335 total for housing/lodging.
  • Up to $22 per day for meals.
  • Not more than $665 total (for housing/lodging and meals).

No travel expenses will be covered, and all other reimbursements will be made only for actual expenses that you have paid for. All reimbursements will be made once your quarantine is complete. You must provide receipts/documentation of your expenses in order to receive reimbursement. Please note that Purdue cannot provide reimbursement for you to self-quarantine in a private residence (e.g., with a family member or friend).

Full details on how to apply for CARES Act or Protect Purdue funds to reimburse the cost of your self-quarantine are available here.

Note: We recommend that students stay in campus quarantine housing, as complete costs will be covered if you do so (see above FAQ for details).