Update for faculty and staff from Vice President for HR Bill Bell

Dear Colleagues:

By now you have heard President Daniels’ announcement that faculty, staff, graduate and post-doc staff will be paid through June 30, 2020 (or, the end of their contract period, whichever first occurs). Purdue’s ability to make this announcement is a testament to the care and attention that each of you has given to our affordability mission. Without our careful approach to spending, we would not be able to keep tuition down, invest in priorities, and still be prepared for unforeseen moments like this one. 

We know you have many questions regarding what this means, and detailed guidance will be issued within the next day to clarify key points. As new questions arise, we will update the COVID-19 website with answers. 

For now, please know that this decision was made to help relieve faculty and staff of one of the many sources of stress you may be dealing with during this challenging time. We know that your work has not stopped. That’s evident by the mountains you’ve moved to transform our learning mission to remote learning and adapting virtually every other operation on our campus in response to COVID-19 in a few short weeks. We understand how school closures and the prospect of a family member becoming ill or losing a job can limit you from being fully able to attend to anything else. 

Our goal with this announcement is to provide you with some assurance that this outbreak will not place you in undue financial insecurity due to a COVID-19-related reason, whether that is caring for a family member who is ill, your own illness, the need to stay home because your child’s school is closed, or that you are unable to work remotely or on campus during this time. 

Our primary focus on campus continues to be accomplishing the work necessary to support our learning and discovery missions. We expect those of you who are able to work remotely will continue to do so. Some of you have jobs that require you to be on campus. To those, we express our highest appreciation for your continued service and adherence to public health guidance regarding the safe performance of your jobs. 

There may be times when work slows in your particular area. During those times, it is our expectation and request that you are flexible and willing to lend a helping hand to other units and areas where there is a need. We ask that you remain available to the greatest extent possible. 

Finally, we know that there will be rare occasions when you may be unable to work, whether because work is unavailable or because your time must be devoted to yourself or your family. If you cannot work due to a COVID-19-related reason, you will not be required to take vacation, sick or personal leave. 

 To summarize:

  • Faculty, staff, graduate student and post-doc staff will receive pay through 6/30/2020 (or the end of their contract, whichever first occurs).
  • Those who are able to work remotely should continue to do so.
  • Those who must be on campus should continue to work on campus, following all social distancing and other health guidance.
  • You may be asked to perform work duties outside your normal responsibilities during this uncertain time.
  • You will not be required to take your Purdue vacation, sick or personal leave during this time for COVID-19-related absences (your illness, family illness, school closures, unable to work remotely or on campus).

For the most part, all other workplace policies will remain in place, although some have been adjusted in response to the outbreak and various federal and state directives. Please continue to monitor the Purdue COVID-19 Website for updates and frequently asked questions, including all the detailed guidance you, your supervisor and your business office will need.

Thank you, again, for all that each of you is doing as we manage this challenging time together.


Bill Bell
Vice President for Human Resources