Video Update from President Daniels: Expectations for the fall

Dear Boilermakers,  

It’s springtime in Indiana and this year, the optimism and hope we feel isn’t just about the weather. We’ve already been able to ease up on some of our COVID-related restrictions, and we look forward to many more such decisions. Meanwhile, the facts are changing frequently: the spread of vaccines is a huge plus, while the emergence of new variant strains is a cause for new concern. We will continue to make all close calls on the side of caution and safety. 

To help you plan ahead for the next academic year, I send the below video with our current thinking. You also will find more details in regards to vaccines, testing and other protocols in an upcoming email from the Protect Purdue Health Center.

We are a community that just showed a skeptical world what Boilermakers working together can do. Let’s all resolve to do it again on the path back to normalcy and the wide-open campus we all love.

Boiler Up,