Video update from President Daniels: Journey to define post-pandemic work

Dear Colleagues,  

The fact that you’ve been spared any of these videos for the last few months is a measure of how effectively the Purdue community has pulled together to manage through the COVID pandemic. So yet again, thank you for the adjustments and great cooperation that made our campus as open and near normal as any even close to our size.  

Like organizations of all kinds, we’ve learned a lot this last year about alternative ways of getting our jobs done. While some activities clearly need to move back to their previous operating modes — in-person instruction being the most obvious example — many others are candidates for new thinking and new arrangements after the pandemic.  

We will need everyone’s input to get this right. So please review the video below and then look for an email next week and an article in Purdue Today with remote work guidelines and plans to collect your thoughts on the questions I propose. Let’s all pitch in to figure out, as Boilermakers always do, the best way to tackle this opportunity.

Boiler Up,