Video update: Protect Purdue fall expectations

Now may seem an odd time for another video on the subject of COVID-19, especially after a beautiful Indiana spring that brought a return of full normalcy to our campus. And we have every reason to expect the same this fall.  

But after what this bug has put us all through the last couple years, we’re not inclined to leave any precaution untaken or anything to chance. We want you and your loved ones to know that your safety and peace of mind come first with us here. And we’re at work right now trying to ensure that you can devote all your energy to studying hard, growing intellectually and having some fun along the way.

Purdue got through the last two years better than other schools our size by trusting that Boilermakers, left to make their own free choices, would opt to pull together to, as we put it, “protect yourself, protect others, protect Purdue”.  That will remain our approach.  

You’ll be receiving all the details within the next few weeks, but please watch for just a minute to hear the framework for our 2022 “Protect Purdue” program.  

See you in August and Boiler Up.