Visitor guidelines

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Updated Sept. 15, 2021

The following guidelines for campus visitors take effect from August 16, 2021 until further notice, are part of the Protect Purdue Plan and were developed to help ensure the health and safety of the campus community. It is important to note that these guidelines may be modified as the COVID-19 situation and corresponding federal, state and local guidance continues to evolve. These policies will be reviewed regularly.

  1. Colleges, divisions, and academic and research units who invite and host visitors are responsible for ensuring that any visitor sponsored by the unit is fully aware of and completely adheres to the Protect Purdue guidelines in place on campus at the time of their visit. Any documented non-compliance will result in cancellation of the visit. 
  2. The Division of Enrollment Management may hold admissions programs and tours on campus in compliance with all Protect Purdue guidelines.
  3. The university recognizes that campus is open to the general public, and it is foreseeable that a number of individuals will visit our campus who do not fall into one of the above categories. The university’s responsibility to general visitors to campus is to clearly communicate the Protect Purdue guidelines through the university’s web presence, social media and physical signage. Disposable face coverings will be available at strategic locations on campus and signs will direct visitors to locations where face coverings and campus safety guidance is available.
  4. Visitors who are observed acting contrary to Protect Purdue guidelines can be reported to the campus police department and reminded that their presence on campus is subject to campus health and safety rules.
  5. Visitors affiliated with specific research programs must follow the guidelines and checklist for Research-Related Visits to On-Campus Buildings or Facilities.
  6. All international visitors are expected to follow Protect Purdue guidelines in effect at the time of their visit. Units that desire to host groups/delegations of three (3) or more individuals are required to discuss the visit in advance with Mike Brzezinski, dean, international programs.
  7. Student Organizations may host visitors for events such as meetings and competitions. All events must be pre-approved through Student Activities and Organizations and compliant with all state, county and Protect Purdue Guidelines. The organization is required to ensure visitors are fully aware and completely adhere to these guidelines. Any documented non-compliance may result in event cancellation, restrictions on the organization’s ability to host future events, and individual/organizational conduct charges. Organizations must be aware that changing conditions may require modifications or cancellation of events with limited notice.  

NOTE: Attendees at any Intercollegiate Athletics events will follow NCAA and conference rules and guidelines.