What to do if your roommate tests positive for COVID-19

Your roommate has tested positive for COVID-19, which requires isolation. What should you do?

While your roommate is awaiting transportation to an on-campus isolation space or traveling home, you and your roommate first should remain masked and maintain social distancing. If you are being transported to an on-campus isolation space, we also ask for patience since transportation may take several hours because of current busy caseloads.

Once the student who needs to isolate has left the residence, you should use sanitizing wipes to clean all common areas in the room.

If you are boosted or within 5 months of being fully immunized, you do not need to quarantine and can attend classes — provided you are and remain without symptoms. In the meantime, you should schedule a COVID-19 test for day 3 after the exposure. 

If you are unvaccinated or past 5 months from your primary series of the COVID-19 vaccine but not boosted, you should quarantine for 5 days. Please schedule a test for day 6 after exposure. If the result is negative for infection, you can return to campus and attend classes.

At this time, you are not allowed to quarantine or isolate in a University Residence or a fraternity, sorority or cooperative living unit if you live in one of these spaces. 

Instead, you must arrange to use the on-campus space designated for quarantine or return home. If an on-campus space is not available because of demand, you should initiate your backup plan for quarantine.

The Protect Purdue Health Center will assign students to on-campus isolation and quarantine (I/Q) space on the same basis as last year: A PPHC case manager will work with individuals who need to isolate or quarantine to determine the extent to which they can safely do so on their own — such as in their current residence or by traveling home to stay with family. Those who cannot will be placed in university I/Q housing if it is available. 

If at any point you become symptomatic, please test immediately. 

The Protect Purdue website has additional guidance and resources about campus isolation and quarantine protocols.

We appreciate your patience and understanding while we work through this challenging time. 


Protect Purdue Health Care Team